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Article By: Srinivas Balaji, Dubai Posted on: 23/08/2011
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What is Vishnupathi? The word Vishnupathi has many meanings but what we are interested in here is that auspicious time period that occurs once in three months and is known as Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam. VISHNUpathi = VishnuBHAKTI = Day of BHAKTI Immersion VISHNUpati = VISHNU Day VISHNUpathi = Day of Maha VISHNU Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Narayana Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Perumal Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Rama Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Krishna Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Narasimha Consciousness Vishnupathi = Day of Varaha Consciousness On each Vishnupathi day, the nine hour period from 0130 hours to 1030 hours IST is of great spiritual importance. We have mentioned this numerous times before. Since the Vishnupathi auspicious time period occurs once in three months, there are four Vishnupati time periods in each varusham (year). But each Vishnupathi period of each varusham (year) is unique in its own way. Since each varusham repeats once in 60 years, each of these Vishnupathi periods occurs once only in 60 years. In other words, if you miss celebrating one Vishnupati, you will have to wait 60 years for the next one! The Vishnupati auspicious time period marks that time in a different era during which Lord Narayana performed miracles for the sake of His devotees. This I heard through one of my chennai frnd. Why is Vishnupathi so special? Vishnupathi = abode of Vishnu; also, Vishnuhood. Punya Kaalam = auspicious time; spiritually potent time period. So Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam means the auspicious time of Vishnu. It's a very special time period in the spiritual world. It occurs once in three months and lasts around nine hours. Why is it special? - Because in this time period God as Sri Maha Vishnu performed many miraculous deeds for the benefit of the universe. - In this time period many great devotees reached the abode of Sri Maha Vishnu. - In this time period many great devotees merged with Sri Maha Vishnu thus attaining Vishnuhood. - It's a time period when Sri Maha Vishnu continues to perform many many miraculous deeds out of His compassion for the universe and the souls that abide in it. - It's a time period when Sri Maha Vishnu's already boundless compassion flows freer than usual. - It's a time when the Siddhas work harder than usual in elevating souls towards Sri Maha Vishnu. - It's a time when spiritual progress is a lot easier to achieve than usual. Source:- agasthiar.org
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